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wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Mesh 2011- coś dla ucha i ducha


01. If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Remix)
02. Only Better (Mechanical Cabaret Bi-Polar Mix)
03. Everything I Made (Robin Gigla Remix)
04. Is It So Hard (Remixed By Iris Ft Julia Beyer)
05. Hold It Together (Daniel Myer Renegade Of Noise Mix)
06. Its Gone (SMP Deathproof Mix)
07. How Long (Assemblage 23 Remix)
08. Who Says (Intuition's Alternate Solution Mix)
09. Hopes Dream (Parralox Remix)
10. Want You (Restraining Order Mix By Informatik)
11. The Bitter End (Portion Control Grind 70bpm Version)
01. Only Better (Alien6 Remix) ]
02. Everything I Made (Xloq Remix)
03. Save Everyone
04. Hold And Restrain (Olafs Vinyl Version)
05. How Long (Mesh Full Duration Pump Mix)
06. How Long (Samedit Perpetual Mix)
07. The Bitter End (Celluloide Version Hexagonale)

From This Height (EP) (2011)



US Tour Limited Edition release.

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